Soraya Taheri


A slim-hipped beauty with velvety coal black hair. She had thick black eyebrows that touched in the middle like the arched wings of a flying bird, and the gracefully hooked nose of a princess from old Persia-maybe that of Tahmineh, Rostam's wife and Sohrab's mother from the Shahnamah. Her eyes, walnut brown and and shaded by fanned lashes. She had a brown, sickle-shaped birthmark on on the smooth skin just above her left jawline.


When she was living in Virginia, she ran away with an Afgan man. She was 18 and he was into drugs. They lived together for almost a month. All the Afgans in Virginia talked about it. Her pandar eventually found them. He showed up at their door and made her go home. She was hysterical. Yelling, screaming. saying that she hated him. When she came home she seen that her mother had had a stroke. Half of her face was paralyzed. Soon after, her padar moved them to California. After this she never had a suitor knock on her father's door again.